Occupational Health And Safety Policy And Environmental Policy

It is our initial philosophy in every feild where we operate, to display a stance sensitive to occupational health-safety and the environment in the developing industrial World. We are aware that it is our most important duty to create a safe, healthy and motivating working environment for all our employees. For this reason, all risk analyzes, inspections and audits are carried our periodically in all of our work areas within the framework of the occupational health and safety laws. OHSAS 18001 Occupational health and safety standard requirements, and TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental management system standard requirements. Our aim is to create a work environmet that is sensitive to the environment and Optimum safety for all our employees throughout the company.

Our company, which continuously invests in its production in order to use energy and natural resources in the most effecient and economical wa, also provides training to its employees in the light of this policy. In 2013, an R&D Project was carried out by our engineers and a new packaging machine was produced in order to reduce the rate of nylon used during the packaging of aluminum profiles. The Project was examined by TÜBİTAK from the work flow chart to the prototype. As a result of the examination and analysis, our Project was accepted as TÜBİTAK R&D Project.

By producing environmentally friendly, recyclable products and supporting green logistics, our company aims to help raise environmentl awareness primarily in the sector, and almost all products bearing TEMA Aluminum brand are made of recyclable materials.

As TEMA Aluminum, we are commited to ensuring the continuity of our established and ongoing OHS and environmental policy, aware that our understanding of respect people and the environment is our most important responsibility.