Vision: to be the company that produces the best and most economical solution in our industry, provide the best technical support and the fastes service Worldwide

Mission: Our aim is to introduce our brand to the global field, to develop ourselves in every field where we exist, by delivering our quality and reliable products, produced with principles of innovation, creativity and continuity to every point of the structure combined with aluminum.

Strategy: Constantly Improving and developing our products and services with our customer oriented mindset that respects people and the environment.

In line with this vision, mission and strategy, TEMA Aluminum and Sacit Zorlu Metal A.Ş. our quality policy is in parallel with TS EN ISO 9001 quallity management system standard;

  • To protect and design our reliable brand identity by integrating our quality standards and innovative perspective in our products and projects with our aesthetic understanding.
  • To constantly review our business processes and to produce solutions for a more efficient work.
  • To continuously improve our quality by training our employees and ensuring their participations.
  • To serve our customers beyond their demands and to produce the most preferred products and projects in terms of customer satisfaction in the sector.
  • With our empathic approach, it is to listen, evaluate and implement the ideas of all our employees and customers.