By establishing its first workshop in Esenler,  Istanbul; we  started to serve the industry with polishing, anodizing and electrostatic powder coating processes applied to aluminium accessories .



Its rapid progress in the field of aluminum accessories pushed the company to new searches, and in this direction, an electrostatic powder paint facility with a capacity of 120 tons per month was established on a 1000 m²  closed area in Kocaeli-Gebze. Subsequently, the management of the company moved to the headquarters building built in the same area.


The workshop in Esenler, Istanbul, has moved to the Istanbul-Şirinevler location after the electrostatic powder coating facility started its operationn in Gebze. Thus, in the fields of sales of aluminum profiles and accessories of the company, the first showroom category store was opened under the name of TEMA Aluminum Sirinevler store with a 450 m²  closed area.



The capacity in the facility in Kocaeli-Gebze was increased and a second electrostatic powder coating facility was established. In this way,the capacity of the facilities is determined as 200 tons per month


TEMA Aluminum opened its first store in the Anatolian side in Sultanbeyli which was established on 1200 m²  closed area and it started its services in the sales oaluminum profiles and accessories.


As a unit of the company, TEMA aluminum Facade and architectural systems workshop was established in Kocaeli-Gebze. In the same year with the aluminum processing and application teams, the entrance to the exterior sector was started and the first Project of the team was launched.


Due to the interest shown in Tema Aluminum Sultanbeyli Store, it was decided to open a second store in the same location and Tema Sultanbeyli Warehouse Store with 900 m² closed area was opened.


Electrostatic powder coating equipment operating facility in Gebze was  moved to Adapazarı factory. Following the renovation process, the area of the facility in Gebze has been increased to 4000 m². In this way , the Gebze facility has gained the characteristics of being the logistics center of the company, the management center as well as the management and application center of the exterior and architectural systems.


The largest store of the company was established on an area of 1600m² in Istanbul-Esenyurt, opened under the name of TEMA Aluminum Esenyurt store and started to provide services in the sales of aluminum profiles and accessories. It also has the characteristic of being the logistics center of the European side of the company in Istanbul.


In December 2019, we moved our place in Gebze From Köşklüçeşme to Barış mahalle Güney Yan Yol caddesi No: 338 with a wider and more customer-friendly loading and logistics support.