Innovation And Sustainability

As TEMA Aluminum we adopt the concept of innovation to reflect changes and innovation, originality, difference, change and innovation, along with improvemet, and its sources are creative ideas. The concept of innovation, which is based on improvement principles, is an issue on the Global level. As a company, we support all of our employees to act with an innovative thinking systems with our R&D activities, and we provide training to each of our employees in this regard.

Sustainablity of success can only be achieved with a sustainable approach. In our company, which is aware that sustainable innovation is an important step in reducing foreign dependency, we continue our work with Universities, other enterprises in the sector, TÜBİTAK, T.C Ministry of Industry and Republic of Turkey and Ministry of Economy.

By blending our projects with our experience, we set a target for our selves to increase the number of products with patented system and design registration certificate each year, and motivate our R&D group of these engineers in this regard.